Artists and lions exhibit for Ukraine

Artists and lions exhibit for Ukraine

Until April 16, the Lions club Orléans-Renaissance invites to an artistic salon at the castle of Saint Jean le Blanc. 18 artists around Pierrick Tual offer their works in solidarity with the victims of Ukraine.

By Jean-Luc Bouland

Sculptures by François Lavrat scattered throughout the rooms. Photo JLB

Since April 8 and until Sunday April 17, 2022, the Orléans-Renaissance Lions Club, chaired by Gilles Vetaux, is offering its 15th salon at the Château de Saint Jean de Blanc. On the ground floor and on the two floors, 18 artists came to hang their works or place their sculptures around the paintings of the guest of honor, Pierrick Tual, to participate in an exceptional charity operation in solidarity with Ukraine. .

After two years of virtual interruption due to sanitary conditions, the colors of generosity dear to La Renaissance have not faded, far from it. They are even very present on the proposed works, and in particular on those of the guest of honor of this 15th edition, Pierrick Tual. In the lounges on the ground floor, this artist from Nantes in love with Brittany knew how to present it with strength, talent and emotion. “The Brittany landscapes of Pierrick tual bear witness to the strength of the Atlantic climate. they evoke the power of the wind, the permanence of the clouds as well as the close ties that unite men and the sea“, writes about her Cécile Josset in the catalog of the exhibition. “His paintings are like mosaics made of flat areas and shimmering reliefs, of different shapes that fit together in a totally mastered contrast.“. A description of the artist’s works that could almost extend to the entire exhibition, and this is certainly no coincidence.

Brittany by Pierrick Tual, on the ground floor of the Château de St Jean le Blanc. Photo JLB

Between paintings and sculptures, between the metallic works of Orléans native François Lavrat and the terracotta statuettes of Denise Benoit, navigating from room to room to escape between watercolor landscapes and geometric abstraction (Mireille Darmois), between ceramics and glassware, we thought that there is something for all (good) tastes, and that it would be surprising if we didn’t find at least one favourite. Even several, which would only be nicer to support this most charitable artistic action.

We have set ourselves the goal of making known artists who practically do not exhibit in our region while their talent is recognized nationally, even internationally for the majority.“, always writes Gilles Vétaux, also curator of the show…and enlightened editor of many of the notices presenting the artists. For more than 100 years, the Lions Club has helped the world’s most disadvantaged. Certainly, but he cannot do it without everyone’s support. And in particular visitors who, for some, no doubt, will certainly turn into buyers, out of solidarity with Ukraine as much as out of recognition of the talent of all these committed artists.

Exhibitors – Pierrick Tual (painter); François Lavrat (sculptor); Françoise Bertrand (painter); OFIL (painter); Jocelyne Cornet (painter); François Garnier (sculptor); Barbara Cortina (painter); LAM (painter); Fabien Cateaux (painter); Léa (pastellist, painter); Maryse Curinier-Rochette, painter); Denise Benoit (sculptor); Christine Marceau (sculptor); Mireille Darmois (painter); Joëlle Michelot (painter); Danielle hulin (painter); Alain Vacle (painter); Jean-Luc Masini (glassmaker).

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